Sewing Lesson 1

Sewing Lesson 1: Getting Started!

What you can expect:

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn your machine
  • Explanation of basic essential tools
  • Learn basic cutting technique
  • Learn basic pinning technique


  • Read your sewing machine User manual
  • Paper practice sheets to learn: Straight lines, Corners & circles
  • Practice seams

Compile what you learned into a successful project:

This Lesson comes with a Free Cowboy Bib “Modest Eve PDF pattern”.

Lesson 1:

Download the PDF lesson 1 and work your way through it. If at any point you have any questions feel free to post a comment here or send me an email to

For those that learn better seeing instead of reading here is a short video, It doesn’t go over every single thing in the lesson but gives good highlights so use it as a supplement and not a replacement.

Paper Practice Worksheets:

If you have never used a sewing machine at all and you want to practice on something other than fabric, you can print paper worksheets and use those. Sewing on paper will not damage your machine. You can practice with or without thread. It will help get your eyes used to knowing where the needle is going to land. It will also help you learn how to move around circles and corners. Download Practice Worksheets

Sewing Project 1: Cowboy Baby Bib

Download the Cowboy Baby Bib pattern and print it out and make one.

For those that are visual learners here is a short video:



Show us your great work! Send us a picture ~Sonia Barton