My mother ordered a sewing machine when I was 11 years old. I taught her and myself  how to use it by reading and translating the instruction manual from English to Spanish. I mended and altered clothes until junior high school when I took Home Ec and learned to read and follow sewing patterns. My mother never learned how to use the machine. I took a Fashion Design class in High School which increased my desire to learn to draft patterns and get them to fit correctly. My one and only beautiful daughter interrupted the learning process. but as soon as I could I returned to school. I received an A. S. in Fashion Design from San Diego Mesa College. I started a couture bridal business that allowed me to create custom wedding dresses for beautiful brides. Family responsibilities required me to move back to my small home town. I created a few dresses but required a day job. I was fortunate enough to be able to run a pattern drafting software company, right out of my home, for one of my college professors.

The urge to create can’t be suppressed for long. In 2008, my sister asked me to teach her how to sew. I had attempted to teach her once before to no avail. As I analyzed why she failed the first time it helped me develop a better teaching method. One with simple projects that build knowledge and confidence. This came in handy when my daughter wanted to be home schooled that same year. I was able to develop an apparel construction and fashion design course that was approved by the CA School Board, but most importantly helped my daughter to learn to find and develop her talents.

I now run a business that creates Fashion Design courses and Sewing Patterns for women who want to discover and develop the talents of being able to Design, Sew or Alter clothing.