It’s my dear Monica letter. Monica is my little sister who inspired me to focus my teaching efforts on beginning sewers. I attempted to teach her to sew by using an industrial pattern and it resulted in a skirt she never wore and her interest in sewing died with the project. Until she had little ones, and asked if I could teach her again. That is when I started developing patterns that made sense to those that don’t know sewing terminology. SyM_007w

So once a week I write a letter (to all on my list) with tips or tricks, a little light bulb moment or just a little girl talk to let you know what I’m working on, what I’ve learned but most importantly to ask you what you have done, not done or hope to do during the week, that I might be able to help with.

And yes, I do expect you to hit reply and let me know. The newsletter comes from my personal email address and if you hit reply you will find my inbox.


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