Back Zip Bolero

I have altered many wedding dresses, but the alteration I’ve done the most is to add a top bodice and sleeves to strapless wedding dresses. It sounds easy but it really isn’t. A strapless dress is very fitted and the ease has been removed from the garment because all the moving parts of the body don’t have fabric. As soon as you add fabric to those parts you need to add some ease, which now makes the fabric you are attaching larger than the fabric you need to attach it to.

After a few fittings with each bride I would find the happy middle. Enough ease to move but not so much that it balloons out.

I thought to myself, how can I turn this into a ready to wear item. I tried some stretch fabric added a back zipper and created a bolero that you can slide under the dress.

Introducing my back zip bolero:


Coming soon:

PDF pattern in my Crafty and Etsy shops.

An online course for the pattern with fitting, sewing and enhancement videos to make the bolero look like it was part of the dress

Ready to Wear boleros in my Etsy shop.

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